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Bookings Franchise

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Ian Clayton Notes on WTM: The Need for a Bookings Franchise



At the world Travel market in 2007, Ian Clayton, CEO of AXSES, got the idea that the time was right for a Bookings FRANCHISE solution. In the Caribbean many Tourism Organisations and Hotel associations are using WWTE a white label product of Expedia. It is not working well.



The problem is that Tour operator (TO) systems just don't work for Destinations. The Destination authority is responsible for marketing its member tourism operators. This means it must use the market channels and not conflict with it. Its prime responsibility is to help its clients get access to markets, be represented in global distribution and to encourage Direct Sales.


The TO booking systems operate on a distribution and Merchant model. They get net rates on hotels, mark them up and resell them, collecting the funds in advance and paying operators. Their systems require clients to abide by their rules and terms including setting aside units for their exclusive use (allocation). If a small hotel can't do this they often don’t get listed. They don't get listed if they are too small and can’t offer acceptable NET rates. TO systems do not promote direct sales and they don’t build hotel brands. Many are opaque, obscuring the hotel brand in favour of Best Price. The Destination Marketing company has an entirely different objective.


The merchant model is hang over from the old model of tour operators. But it fits oddly with the Internet which is all about creating an open and even playing field. In such a market the middle man is no longer king. We have seen a steady rise in the number of people choosing to book direct, some forecast are that 80% will book direct in the next 5 years. So why not find a solution that assist in this. Book direct Enhance suppliers bran give suppliers control of marketing.




A sensible solution for Destinations is http://BookingsFranchise.com.




PRESS Release:


Powerful New Travel Platform Now Available for Destination Marketers


http://BookingsFranchise.com: Affordable Branded Channels for Direct Marketing.

A first of its kind product for tourism destinations and travel portals.



BookingsFranchise.com platform delivers top e-commerce services.


It is a powerful full featured solution, integrated with Global Distribution (GDS) and internet marketing driving Direct Business and Distribution sales. BookingsFranchise is easy for destinations and tourism operators to setup and manage and easy for travelers to use; to get quotes, find, compare and book properties. It is a proven platform of travel technology, developed and implemented by AXSES for Barbados.org, http://BookingsBarbados.com, http://BookingsStlucia.com and http://IntimateHotelsBarbados.com to name a few.



Ian Clayton CEO of AXSES, says “BookingsFranchise.com lets you do business your way, with your own terms and your rules. Unlike Tour Operator centered system, there are no commissions and no net rates. There is no limit to size of properties and all properties have complete flexibility with terms, inventory models and payment options. Ultimately, it delivers a way to take control of the entire supply chain with supplier centered tools”.




Enpower your travel marketing; global exposure, more bookings, more control.

email AXSES





For More Information please see http://BookingsFranchise.com





Ian Clayton, iclayton@axses.com


Knowledge engineering


Tel: 246 429 2653











Do Business your way with multiple client terms, rate plans and rules.



Axses Travel Platform

delivers a fully interactive personalised solution


+ leading technology


http://arcRes.com http://arcRes-crs.com











AXSES travel channels also include http://BookingsBarbados.com, http://RealHolidays.com, http://CarribbeanHopping.com, http://CaribIslands.com, http://TravelAgentsres.com and many specialized channels. AXSES provides travel solutions, hosting and marketing to http://IntimateHotelsBarbados.com and many tourism websites.


AXSES Solutions cover all aspects of Travel Marketing and tourism Management.


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